Liz Gillis

Historian and Author

Historian and author Liz Gillis is from the Liberties. Specialising in the Irish Revolution, she is the author of six books including, ‘The Fall of Dublin’, ‘Revolution in Dublin’, ‘Women of the Irish Revolution’, ‘The Hales Brothers and the Irish Revolution’ and ‘May 25: The Burning of the Custom House 1921’. She is the co-author of ‘We Were There: 77 Women of the Easter Rising’.

In 2021, Liz was appointed Historian in Residence for Dublin South County Council for the Decade of Centenaries and lectures at Champlain College Dublin.

She worked as a Researcher for the History Show on RTE Radio and was a Historical Consultant for the new Custom House Visitor Centre and the Hyatt Centric: The Liberties Hotel. She was a Curatorial Assistant in RTE, specialising in researching the Easter Rising.

Liz has also contributed to numerous publications, television and radio documentaries covering the Irish Revolutionary period and had given talks nationally and internationally on the subject and is the owner of Revolution in Dublin Walking Tours.

In 2018 Liz was a recipient of the Lord Mayor’s Award for her contribution to history.

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